CMB 2014-2015 WS

This is the reference page for information on my lecture course on Linear Perturbations and the Cosmic Microwave Background.

General information:

Where: Philosophenweg 12, Room R106

When: Tuesdays from 11.15 to 13.00


In addition see the ppt’s attached for some of the lectures.

Calendar 2014-2015 (Winter Semester)

First lecture on 21st October 2014 (No lecture on 14th due to TRR33 Workshop).

21.10.14 Lecture I lecture1_introduction

28.10.14 Exercise lecture 1 (Miguel Zuma) Background Cosmology exercises

04.11.14 Lecture II (Linear perturbations: classification in scalar, vector, tensor perturbations and Fourier expansion of various types; gauge; gauge invariant potentials) lecture2_bkg_prt

11.11.14 Lecture III (Horizon and evolution of the horizon; perturbed Einstein equations; perturbed conservation equations; evolution of density perturbations on super horizon scales.)

18.11.14 no lecture

25.11.14 Lecture IV (Evolution on sub horizon scales, initial conditions and Harrison Zeldovich spectrum, Matter Power Spectrum, tensor equation).

02.12.14 Exercise lecture 2 (Boltzmann codes and examples, please bring your laptop)

09.12.14 Lecture V (CMB, expansion in spherical harmonics and spectra, various components before CMB transfer and impact on the spectra, Boltzmann equation (background)). lecture6

20.01.15 Lecture VI (Boltzmann equation (perturbations), expansion in normal modes and total angular momentum method, integral solution along the line of sight, secondary effects, polarization (start). lecture7

27.01.15 Lecture VII (Polarization, experiments). lecture8_web lecture9_web

17.02.15: exams at 11.00 CET, same room (questions on the whole program + try to read/explain one result from a Planck 2015 paper at your choice – if they are released before the exams)