CMB 2014 SS

15.04.14 Lecture I (Overview, thermal evolution of the Universe, decoupling, homogeneity and isotropy, background I) lecture1_introduction + notes on last part. For notes on GR (which contain much more than we said in the class), see for example: (for our course, see for example chapter 8 on background cosmology).

22.04.14 No lecture

29.04.14 Lecture II (Background)

06.05.14 Seminar/Exercises by Miguel Zumalacarregui

13.05.14 Lecture III (Linear perturbations for metric and stress energy tensor, gauge, classification in scalar/vector/tensor modes.)

20.05.14 Lecture IV (Cosmological horizon, Super-horizon solutions for perturbations)

27.o5.14 Lecture V (Sub-horizon solutions for perturbations, Matter power spectrum)

03.06.14 Seminar/Exercises by Miguel Zumalacarregui

10.o6.14 Lecture VI lecture6 (Thermal history, Acoustic oscillations, fluid description and effects of baryons/radiation/gravity/damping)

17.o6.14 Lecture VII lecture7 (Boltzmann equation; expansion in normal modes)

24.o6.14 Lecture VIII Solution to Boltzmann equation; integration along the line of sight; free streaming term; secondary anisotropies; beginning of polarization. lecture8

01.o7.14 Lecture IX lecture9

08.o7.14  Lecture X


Exams on 25.07.14 morning, at 10.00 in room 060 in Phys 12