Future Conferences/Schools I have been invited to or I organize:

Recent past Conferences/Schools I have been invited to:


Past events I have organized:

  • Cosmo21, Valencia, 2018 (SOC)
  • 11th TRR33 Winter School on Cosmology, Dec. 2017, Passo del Tonale (organizer).
  • EuroPython 2017, Italy (organizer)
  • 10th TRR33 Winter School on Cosmology, Dec. 2016, Passo del Tonale (organizer).
  • Rethinking Quantum Field Theory (Organizer of the cosmology session), Sept 2016
  • GGI 2016 on Cosmology, Firenze, Italy, spring 2016 (organizer)
  • Euclid IST Virtual Meeting, virtually everywhere via SLACK+Bluejeans+googledocs, Feb 2016
  • TRR33 workshop, 13-14 October 2014, Heidelberg
  • All editions of the TRR33 Winter School in Passo del Tonale, Italy
  • Cosmology and Fundamental Physics after Planck, 17-28 June 2013, CERN, Switzerland.
  • IDEALS, SISSA, 10-11 November 2011, Trieste, Italy.
  • Theoretical Particle Physics meets Cosmology, VIPAC final conference, 27th-28th January 2009, Heidelberg, Germany.