Some slides from my recent talks and on various topics:

Talks on Dark Energy and Euclid:

  • Review talk on Dark Energy and Euclid mission (DESY Colloquium, June 2014) desy_colloquium_website
  • Review talk of the Euclid mission (ICTP 2013) ictp_aug2013
  • Review talk of the Euclid mission (PONT 2014)

Talks on CMB:

  • Review talk of BICEP2 results, B-modes and Gravitational Waves (Journal Club ITP Heidelberg, 14.03.26) bicepITP_web
  • Cosmological implications in view of first Planck Cosmological Results 2013 (MPIK Heidelberg, June 2013) planck_at_hd_web

Public outreach: